For more videos, visit the Tumult Hype YouTube channel.
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Video: Getting Started

  • Adding and arranging content
  • Changing element properties
  • Basic animating using recording
  • Creating scenes
  • Exporting

What's New in Tumult Hype 2.0

This document explores many of the powerful new features in Tumult Hype 2.0.

  • Motion Paths
  • Audio
  • Hype Reflect for iOS
  • Touch Actions & More...
  • Related: New in 2.5

Video: Testing your Tumult Hype Document on Mac Browsers & Using the Developer Console

  • Testing in Safari
  • Using developer tools & the console to diagnose issues

Video: Testing Your Tumult Hype Document on iOS and Hype Reflect

  • Quickly testing on Hype Reflect for iOS
  • Using Mirror Mode
  • Developer tools on Mobile Safari

Video: Creating Planetary Motion

  • Looped Rotation
  • Motion Paths
  • Adjusting the point of rotation
  • Space, the final frontier.

Video: Embedding a Tumult Hype Document in Existing HTML Documents

  • Embedding using a relative or absolute URL
  • Understanding code in exported HTML Documents
  • Embedding in a service like NewHive

Tutorial Walkthroughs

These documents provide real world examples of elements, animations, easing techniques, and timelines:

For more videos, visit the Tumult Hype Youtube channel.