Tutorial Videos and Training Docs

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Official Videos

Getting Started with Hype
4:07 – Hype v3.5
Creating HTML5 Advertisements with Tumult Hype
5:02 – Hype v3.5
Design in Sketch & Animate in Tumult Hype
6:29 – Hype v3.5
Uploading a Tumult Hype document to a web server
3:01 – Hype v3.5
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document on iOS and Hype Reflect
2:48 – Hype v2.5
Embedding a Responsive Tumult Hype document in Wordpress
8:41 – Hype v3.5 Pro
Creating Planetary Motion with Motion Paths, Rotation, & Looped Timelines
4:55 – Hype v2.5
Embedding a Tumult Hype Document in Existing HTML Documents
4:20 – Hype v2.5
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document in Safari and Using Developer Tools
2:50 – Hype v2.5
Testing your Tumult Hype Document in Android’s Chrome Browser
2:24 – Hype v2.5
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document on Windows
3:57 – Hype v2.5
Quickly Sharing your Document on Dropbox
2:00 – Hype v2.5
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.5
7:30 – Hype v2.5
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.0
9:17 – Hype v2.0
What’s New in Tumult Hype 1.6
9:59 – Hype v1.6
What’s New in Tumult Hype 1.5
9:59 – Hype v1.5

Courses and Resources

A Book About Hype 3.5 + Pro
by Michael Garafolo on iBooks
$14.99 USD 169 pages
Hype Docks
Animations, Tutorials, & Resources by Michaelangelo Agostinetto & Contributors
Course by Ubicuo Studio
En Español: domina HTML5 sin tocar ni una línea de código. Consigue crear infografías, banners, microsites, animaciones interactivas responsive.
Hype 3.5
Up and Running with Hype
by Jake Ströh on Lynda (free 10-day trial)
1:37:01 – Hype v2.0

Training Documents

4 Tutorial Walkthroughs
14 MB .zip – Hype v1.6+
  • Intro to Animation
  • Intro to Elements
  • Intro to Easing
  • Intro to Timelines
Mastering Physics
1 MB .zip – Hype Professional
  • Static, Inactive & Dynamic Elements
  • Working with Gravity
  • Physics World Boundaries
  • Collisions & Programmatic Physics Properties
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.0
8 MB .zip – Hype v2.0+
  • Motion Paths
  • Audio
  • Hype Reflect for iOS
  • Touch Actions & More