Tips & Tricks

send text through a command line program

HyperEdit currently uses the command line to evaluate PHP code. This program can be manually changed by editing the Path to PHP binary field in the advanced preferences. For example, the path could be changed to /usr/bin/wc, and when the PHP mode is selected, it will instead give a line, word, and character count.

Note: The path field does not accept arguments, but a shell script could be used to supply them to the program you wish to use.

Tab inserts spaces

By default, HyperEdit does not insert spaces when the tab key is pressed. However, because any key can be used to for inserting a snippet, the tab key can be overridden. Simply create a new snippet, and in the Pre-insert Snippet Code, type as many spaces as you would like to enter. In the Shortcut Key, press the tab key once, and then save the snippet. Now, the tab key will insert spaces!

Note: Shifting blocks of text right will still insert tabs.

Performance Tips for large documents