Animate in a Snap

Tumult Hype’s keyframe-based animation system brings your content to life. Click “Record” and Tumult Hype watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed. Or, if you’d prefer to be more hands-on, manually add, remove, and re-arrange keyframes to fine-tune your content. It is easy to create natural curves by clicking and dragging on an element's motion path to add bézier control points.

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Timelines for the scene can be added and play when triggered by actions. This capability lets you add interactivity — mousing over an element could trigger a timeline to play which animates other elements in the scene.

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Engage your viewers and trigger custom animations, scene transitions, sounds, or JavaScript functions in response to actions like mouse clicks, touch events, specific times, or document events.

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Scenes are similar to slides in presentation software, and are a great way to simplify animation flow or separate content. Tumult Hype lets you make as many scenes as needed, and a variety of actions can switch between scenes using smooth transitions.

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Infinite Possibilities

Tumult Hype is a “blank slate” type of application for creating content. The tools provided are powerful and encourage experimentation; the possibilities of what you can build are endless.

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Impress your visitors by adding “wow factor” to your pages. Animated banners, buttons, or indicators can bring your site alive and help direct users’ attention effectively.

Web pages

For sites that need a high degree of interactivity, such as portfolios or galleries, make your page stand out from the crowd. Search engines can scan text contents included in the page.


Nothing says “I Love You” like an animated valentine's day card! Or send clients animated season's greetings.

ePUBs & Ebooks

Easily create animated educational content for use in digital textbooks and books.


Animations in infographics can help visualize and clarify data points. Hype has been used by many leading news organizations and digital magazines.


Spruce up your marketing with effects that go beyond a typical PowerPoint presentation and bring home your bullet points.

The Power of HTML5

HTML5 powers the modern web and allows for content to be displayed on everything from desktops to iPhones and iPads. Tumult Hype outputs state of the art HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript.

Multiple Browser Support

Tumult Hype tries hard to deliver 100% fidelity across all browsers. Yes, that even includes IE 6! When there are no good fallbacks, Tumult Hype warns about browser incompatibilities in the inspector and at export time, so you’re never caught by surprise.

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HTML5 Content and CSS3 Effects

Built-in support for HTML5 audio and video allows for creating multimedia experiences. Tumult Hype strives to always adopt cutting edge features, like blurring, hue shifts, box shadows, reflection, and 3D transformations. A rich inspector accompanies Tumult Hype’s scene editor, letting you dive in and easily tweak every aspect of your content.

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Easy to Embed

When exporting, Tumult Hype creates an entirely self-contained directory that holds all the resources and JavaScript for your content. Upload that directory to your web server, copy and paste three lines of HTML into your existing web page, and you’re good to go. Tumult Hype also supports exporting to MP4 (video only), Animated GIF, and iBooks Author to create interactive textbooks.

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Made For Mobile

Unlike other tools, Tumult Hype creates content for everything from the latest desktop browsers, to mobile devices like iPhone and Android. Its lightweight runtime is 24 KB (compressed) and requires only 3 network connections, making it ideal for ads and fast on low-latency cellular connections.

Extend with Code

Tumult Hype puts all the power of JavaScript at your fingertips. The integrated JavaScript editor lets you write custom functions triggered by user actions. The Tumult Hype JavaScript API can manipulate the scenes from inside or outside of the embedded Tumult Hype content.

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Get the Hype Pro Upgrade

Hype Professional is an In-App Purchase that adds powerful features to Tumult Hype 4. Take your designs to the next level with Responsive Layouts, Physics, Symbols, and more.

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