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English Stage 03 - Letter
Greenlake Hotel,Sunnywood Funland. 10/06/2015.  Dear Grandma,      I hope your cough has improved. How is Zoot? Is he missing us? You're so good to doggie sit for us while we are away. We know he absolutely adores you and he loves sniffing around in your garden. Thank you for my birthday money. I haven't spent it yet. I am going to wait until the last day . I just can’t decide what to buy. All my favourite Sunnywood characters are here. I have my eye on Chip and Dale, but Bambi is just so cute! Sunnywood Funland is so cool! I am so glad Mam and Dad decided to stay in the Greenlake Hotel. We get to go into the park before it opens to meet Mickey, Minnie and the other Sunnyland characters. We had photos taken this morning with them. Donald Duck and Goofy will be here tomorrow morning. I’m not sure we’ll be up on time because we are staying up late tonight to watch the night parades and fireworks displays. Mam suggested we should have a siesta for a few hours after our lunch so that we won’t be too tired later. I can’t wait! I'll take lots of photos and will tell you all about it when we get home on Wednesday. The rides here are amazing. I have collected brochures and maps to show you. Mam’s favourite so far is “It’s a Small World" - a musical boat ride that takes you to visit all seven continents. Everything is tiny. You would love it. Dad dragged us back three times to "Pirates of the Caribbean" . We had to listen to him singing “Yo Ho Ho, A Pirate’s life for me" over and over again. The ride was quite scary the first time, especially when the water splashed over us. However, once I knew our boat wasn't going to capsize I really enjoyed it. Mark and I adored Dumbo the Flying Elephant. As the music starts Dumbo lifts gracefully off the ground and you begin to soar magically up into the sky. It feels like you are actually flying. It was the most amazing experience, especially as I could control the ride with a lever. The Rockin’ Rollin’ Roller Coaster is on the menu for tomorrow. We are planning to go before we eat our lunch…..just in case!! I bet Mam will chicken out at the last minute! Give Zoot a hug from me. Everyone says Hi and wish you were here! Lots and lots of love, 
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