What is Hype Professional?

Hype Professional is the most advanced app for creating stunning animated and interactive web content. Hype Professional extends Tumult Hype 4.1 as an In-App Purchase, adding new and powerful features.

Fueled by HTML5

HTML5-based content can run across all modern browsers, phones, and tablets. Because Hype Pro is based on Hype 4’s highly-compatible runtime, it can even support older browsers like IE 6. The goal is to bring the bleeding edge of web technologies to everyone.

Design without Code

Visual designs should use visual tools. The tweak and reload cycle is over, as is banging your head against CSS. Hype Pro’s philosophy is to make common animation tasks easy, and complex tasks possible. If you really want, you can still get your hands dirty with code.

A Joy to Use

A professional-grade tool must be ergonomic for extended use. Snapping, guides, recording, and intelligent app behaviors make Hype Pro the most intuitive animation app out there. This saves time and frustration — its ease of use does not take away from its power, it adds to it.

Powerful Features at Your Fingertips

Watch the intro video to get an overview of Hype Professional.

Responsive Layouts

With an average of 40% of web visitors on mobile, today’s sites need to adapt to a wide variety of screen sizes. Hype Pro makes building responsive pages intuitive by offering different layouts to be shown at specified breakpoints.

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Symbols are scenes-within-a-scene for component reuse and to help manage document complexity. Persistent symbols share master across scenes. Through Custom Behaviors, symbols can notify other symbols to perform actions.

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Animate elements with natural movements and collisions without keyframes or code. Easily control bounce, friction, air drag, and density. You can even set the gravity of a scene to be based on a device’s rotation for compelling realistic effects.

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Run actions/timelines in response to elements entering or exiting the viewport from a visitor scrolling to that point.

Timing Functions

Hype Standard comes with 29 built-in timing functions, and Hype Pro takes this further allowing custom modification of the easings with precise bézier path control. New! JavaScript-based math equation timing functions give unlimited possibilities.

Grid System

Achieve visual design accuracy by setting column and gutter widths using 960 Grid-inspired layout grid system.

Rearrangeable UI

Hype Pro’s interface panes are fully adjustable, allowing you to fit the interface for how you work or how your content fits best.

Sprite Sheets

New! Import sprite sheets made with other tools, or have Tumult Hype make a sheet for you given a series of image files or animated GIF.

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Create and share custom templates that are a starting point for new documents.

Advanced Export

Export slices control exactly what scenes, layouts, and resources are exported. Other options help minimize footprint and follow standard patterns for Rich Media ads. New! The CDN for runtime files allows the lowest deliverable file size yet.

Export Scripts

Automate workflows involving Tumult Hype’s output using or developing shell/python/ruby code. They are especially useful working with advertising networks.

Learn more about Export Scripts

More Export Formats

Embed your Hype creations in popular desktop publishing tools with OAM export. Create iMessage stickers with APNG export. Improve video quality with the Apple ProRes 422 or MP4 bitrate settings.

Fallback Images

New! Take snapshots of your active scene and use them as poster/backup images for ads, or as a fallback when the user has disabled JavaScript.

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External Editors

New! Edit resources in other applications. JavaScript functions or Head HTML can be edited in a text editor like BBEdit; images can be edited in apps like Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Saving in the other app will write the file back into your Hype document.

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The Right Tool for the Job

It turns out when you're the world's most versatile tool for building web motion graphics and interactivity, you're also going to be a great tool for app prototyping. Who'd have known?


Hype’s powerful keyframe-based animation system is based on multiple timelines which can be triggered independently and bound to touch gestures.


Preview to Hype Reflect while you work to instantly test on iOS devices. Hype's lightweight runtime keeps the framerate up and the filesize down.


There's no need to constantly reinvent the wheel. With Symbol import/export and Templates, you can build up libraries of components to reuse.