Monotype Fonts Migration

Tumult Hype v3.5 introduced the ability to include fonts from Monotype's vast and high quality library. Hype used the Monotype Web Font Platform service API to implement this feature. It allowed Tumult Hype to present a Monotype font browser interface and present a publish dialog at export time to ensure correct font licensing was enforced.

Unfortunately, Monotype decided to end their Web Font Platform service. The ultimate consequence is that Tumult Hype documents using Monotype fonts cannot be exported with those fonts. Existing exports are unaffected and will continue to display with your correct fonts.

Tumult Hype v3.6.8 and v4.0.0 has thus removed the ability to add Monotype fonts to your document. This will eventually be broken in earlier versions.

If you have an existing document it may still contain Monotype fonts. To transition these away from their Web Font Platform service, you have a few options:

  1. Do nothing. Presently a dialog is shown warning of this problem when exporting. You can choose “Export Without Monotype Fonts” but this will result in the default (ie ‘Serif’) font being chosen for any text that made use of Monotype fonts.
  2. Change the text to use a different font. Tumult Hype's font listing includes many fonts which may be acceptable. Otherwise, you can use the free Google Fonts, or include your own Custom CSS webfonts that may have come from other font services.
  3. Recommended: Use Monotype fonts by converting them to Custom CSS Fonts and including their font code. If you have a account, you can still make use of your font library within Hype, it just requires a little bit of manual effort. Here are the basic steps:
    1. Identify the font you are using in Hype
    2. Follow these instructions on to create a project and publish the font. The end publish options are “A. JavaScript [Legacy Customers]”, “B. CSS [Legacy Customers]”, or “C. Self-Hosted”. All three methods are compatible with Hype.
    3. If you chose “C. Self-Hosted”, it will include a kit containing a CSS file and font files. Add the font files to your Resource Library.
    4. Select the Monotype Font in the Resources Library and choose “Convert to Custom CSS Font…” (Available on Tumult Hype v3.6.8 and v4.0.0 or later).
    5. Paste the embed JS, CSS, or CSS from the Self-Hosted file in the “Embedded Head HTML” section.
    6. You should see the preview working; if so you can click “Update Font” and the update is complete. You will need to repeat the steps for all Monotype fonts.
  4. Override and try to publish with the deprecated service. There is a chance the Monotype Web Font Platform may be running for a bit longer. If you are in a pinch and need to try to publish using the service, you can use a defaults command in the

    For Hype v3.6.8:

    defaults write com.tumult.Hype2 UseMonotypePublishForExport -bool YES

    For Hype v4.0.0+:

    defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 UseMonotypePublishForExport -bool YES

    To reset to standard behavior, use:

    For Hype v3.6.8:

    defaults delete com.tumult.Hype2 UseMonotypePublishForExport

    For Hype v4.0.0+:

    defaults delete com.tumult.Hype4 UseMonotypePublishForExport

We’re sorry for the interruption this has caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please email