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Official Videos

Creating & Tracing Vector Shapes and Curves
8:26 – Hype v4.0
Drawing with the Pencil Tool
10:32 – Hype v4.0
Creating Shape Morphs
6:32 – Hype v4.0
Sprite Sheets and Frame Animations
5:36 – Hype v4.0
Poster images for Capturing Stills from Scenes
3:39 – Hype v4.0
Page Turn Transitions
2:20 – Hype v4.0
Getting Started Creating Simple Shapes & Vectors
3:04 – Hype v4.0
Line Animation Techniques
5:58 – Hype v4.0
Using other Apps to Edit Resources
7:14 – Hype v4.0
Mastering Motion Paths
7:07 – Hype v4.0
Creating Hype Content on iPad with Mac OS Catalina & Sidecar
4:00 – Hype v4.0
Getting Started with Hype 3
4:07 – Hype v3.0
Creating HTML5 Advertisements with Tumult Hype
5:02 – Hype v3.0
Design in Sketch & Animate in Tumult Hype
6:29 – Hype v3.0
Uploading a Tumult Hype document to a web server
3:01 – Hype v3.0
Working with Symbols
15:27 – Hype v3.6
Symbol Override Extension to Tumult Hype
6:20 – Hype v4.0
Working with Custom Behaviors
6:11 – Hype v3.6
Export Scripts in Tumult Hype Professional
5:26 – Hype vHype 3.6 Pro
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document on iOS and Hype Reflect
2:48 – Hype v2.5
Tumult Hype Wordpress Plugin Tutorial
4:14 – Hype v4.5 Pro
Creating Planetary Motion with Motion Paths, Rotation, & Looped Timelines
4:55 – Hype v2.5
Embedding a Tumult Hype Document in Existing HTML Documents
4:20 – Hype v2.5
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document in Safari and Using Developer Tools
2:50 – Hype v2.5
Testing your Tumult Hype Document in Android’s Chrome Browser
2:24 – Hype v2.5
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.5
7:30 – Hype v2.5
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.0
9:17 – Hype v2.0
What’s New in Tumult Hype 1.6
9:59 – Hype v1.6
What’s New in Tumult Hype 1.5
9:59 – Hype v1.5

Courses and Resources

Learning Hype
15 Lessons to Kickstart your Creative Journey with Tumult Hype
Rich Content Design
A selection of free-to-use, handcrafted video tutorials, templates, and starter-kits will help kickstart your creative journey.
A Book About Hype
An informative guide that helps web designers and developers use Hype. The comprehensive downloadable book covers a wide range of beginner, intermediate and advanced topics.
Tutorials on Photics.tv
From the author of A Book about Hype: Detailed tutorial videos and downloadable templates.
Tour de Hype
A free resource and asset hub for Tumult Hype, with the mission of helping the creative community get started by providing samples, tutorials and extensions.
Hype Docks
Animations, Tutorials, & Resources by Michelangelo Agostinetto & Contributors
Hype Cookbook
Advanced techniques, guides, and tips for creating with Hype.
Video Course
En Español: la interfaz, animacio, iniciar acciones & agrupaciones y mas.
Physics Game creation & iOS App creation in Swift 3.0
13 Videos
Trivia Game Tutorial
12 Videos – Hype v3.6 Standard

Training Documents

4 Tutorial Walkthroughs
14 MB .zip – Hype v1.6+
  • Intro to Animation
  • Intro to Elements
  • Intro to Easing
  • Intro to Timelines
Vector Shapes & Animations in Tumult Hype 4
3.2 MB .zip – Hype Professional 4
  • Vectors, Anchor Points, and Curves
  • Lines & Line Animations
  • Vector Properties: Fills and Borders
  • Animating Borders, Curves & Shapes
  • Physics and Shape Morphs
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Example Animations created by Hype Pros
Mastering Physics
1 MB .zip – Hype Professional
  • Static, Inactive & Dynamic Elements
  • Working with Gravity
  • Physics World Boundaries
  • Collisions & Programmatic Physics Properties
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.0
8 MB .zip – Hype v2.0+
  • Motion Paths
  • Audio
  • Hype Reflect for iOS
  • Touch Actions & More

Exporting Guides & Community Initiatives

Projects below are just a sampling of the incredible resources available on the Tumult Forums.

Exporting Guides
Read 30+ guides on easily embedding your Tumult Hype content in content management systems like Wordpress, website editors like Squarespace, or leveraging physical kiosks.

View Exporting Guides
HypeDocument Extensions
Community members Max Ziebell and Mark Hunte launched an impressive set of modules to extend the Hype API with code snippets you can drop into your Hype project. Extensions provide new functions to work with sound, symbols, and more.

View on Tumult Forums
Templates by Photics
Explore 30+ downloadable Hype templates from the author of A Book About Hype.

View on Tumult Forums
More Tools & Integrations
View the Hype Toolbox for additional resources for creating, embedding, and exporting Hype content.
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