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Official Videos

Creating & Tracing Vector Shapes and Curves
8:26 – Hype v4.0
Drawing with the Pencil Tool
10:32 – Hype v4.0
Creating Shape Morphs
6:32 – Hype v4.0
Sprite Sheets and Frame Animations
5:36 – Hype v4.0
Poster images for Capturing Stills from Scenes
3:39 – Hype v4.0
Page Turn Transitions
2:20 – Hype v4.0
Getting Started Creating Simple Shapes & Vectors
3:04 – Hype v4.0
Line Animation Techniques
5:58 – Hype v4.0
Using other Apps to Edit Resources
7:14 – Hype v4.0
Mastering Motion Paths
7:07 – Hype v4.0
Getting Started with Hype 3
4:07 – Hype v3.0
Creating HTML5 Advertisements with Tumult Hype
5:02 – Hype v3.0
Design in Sketch & Animate in Tumult Hype
6:29 – Hype v3.0
Uploading a Tumult Hype document to a web server
3:01 – Hype v3.0
Working with Symbols
15:27 – Hype v3.6
Working with Custom Behaviors
6:11 – Hype v3.6
Export Scripts in Tumult Hype Professional
5:26 – Hype vHype 3.6 Pro
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document on iOS and Hype Reflect
2:48 – Hype v2.5
Tumult Hype Wordpress Plugin Tutorial
5:41 – Hype v3.6 Pro
Creating Planetary Motion with Motion Paths, Rotation, & Looped Timelines
4:55 – Hype v2.5
Embedding a Tumult Hype Document in Existing HTML Documents
4:20 – Hype v2.5
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document in Safari and Using Developer Tools
2:50 – Hype v2.5
Testing your Tumult Hype Document in Android’s Chrome Browser
2:24 – Hype v2.5
Testing Your Tumult Hype Document on Windows
3:57 – Hype v2.5
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.5
7:30 – Hype v2.5
What’s New in Tumult Hype 2.0
9:17 – Hype v2.0
What’s New in Tumult Hype 1.6
9:59 – Hype v1.6
What’s New in Tumult Hype 1.5
9:59 – Hype v1.5

Courses and Resources

Tour de Hype
A free resource and asset hub for Tumult Hype, with the mission of helping the creative community get started by providing samples, tutorials and extensions.
Hype Docks
Animations, Tutorials, & Resources by Michelangelo Agostinetto & Contributors
Physics Game creation & iOS App creation in Swift 3.0
13 Videos
Trivia Game Tutorial
12 Videos – Hype v3.6 Standard
Up and Running with Hype
by Jake Ströh on Lynda (free month trial)
1:37:01 – Hype v2.0
Course by Ubicuo Studio
En Español: domina HTML5 sin tocar ni una línea de código. Consigue crear infografías, banners, microsites, animaciones interactivas responsive.
Hype 3.5
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