What’s New in
Tumult Hype 3.6

We’ve listened to your feedback and added features that will improve how you build animations+interactions and boost your workflow.

Autoplay Video for iOS

iOS 10+ now supports the Autoplay video option, but only if the video is muted or has no audio tracks.

Inline Video for iOS

There's also an option for iOS 10's new features to play videos inline (ie, not go full screen) for the iPhone.

Improved GIF Export

Animated GIF export quality is much more accurate to the original animation, and in many cases the file size will be reduced.

MP4 Video Bitrate Setting [Pro]

Select a manual bitrate to fine tune quality vs. file size decisions on video exports.

ProRes Video Export [Pro]

For the highest quality video export, use the Apple ProRes 422 intermediate codec.

Animated PNG Export [Pro]

Animated PNG is an up-and-coming file format for animations, and is already being used for iMessage Sticker Packs. There's also new Scene Sizes for these stickers.

Export Scripts [Pro]

Export Scripts extend Hype and improve export-based workflows, common for Ad-tech. They can be developed and used by anybody.

Removed Dropbox Export

Dropbox has unfortunately discontinued public folder web serving, so this functionality is removed.

Adjust Code Editor Font

Choose your preferred font and size in source editing views like the JavaScript Editor, Head HTML Editor, and Inner HTML editors.

Resource Library Multiple Selection

Select resources and change properties; this can be coupled with filtering; an example would be disabling preloading on all images.

Resource Library Mass Replace

Dragging in multiple assets to the Resource Library will now ask if you want to replace all the assets with the same name.

Edit Custom CSS Fonts

Previous versions only allowed creation of Custom CSS Fonts; now you can go back and make changes via the 'Edit Font' button in the Resource Library.

Improved Accessibility

Role fields are available, the tab-index is simplified, and iOS voice over will report a more logical representation of your documents.

Symbols Preserve Group Expansion State

When entering or exiting symbols, the state of a group's expansion will be preserved.

Hidden Symbols Revealed

Entering a symbol that is hidden, invisible, or low opacity will temporarily reveal it while editing.

Zoom to 10%

Get a bird's eye view of your document.

Per-Scene/Layout Zoom Factors

As different scenes and layouts have different sizes, the appropriate zoom factor is likely different. The zoom factor is now saved per-layout and per-scene.

JavaScript API Additions

New functions for manipulating layouts, symbols, and changing background-image

Microsoft Edge Support

More performant runtime support and added browser warnings.

Removed WAV Slot

WAV Audio files are generally big and not necessary in the face of mp3, m4a, or ogg files. They can still be added, but aren't a default slot.

Lots of Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

This update addresses many other top issues, especially a lot related to using Symbols.