What’s New in
Tumult Hype 4.1

This groundbreaking update provides entirely new ways to construct visuals. It implements top-requested user features and is a must-have for rich media ad creation.

Supercharged With the Latest Tech (v4.1)

Built for Apple Silicon

Tumult Hype is built as a Universal application that will run natively on Apple Silicon and older Intel-based Macs. Using one of Apple’s new “M1”-based Macs will make your animations fly.

Compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur

A new icon, improved color scheme, and many UI tweaks make Tumult Hype a natural citizen of the newest version of macOS. Don’t worry if you’re not ready to upgrade your system; it still runs great on OS X 10.10 Yosemite and later.

Source Editing Improvements

Tumult Hype’s sister app, the HTML editor Whisk, just went through a major update. We’ve brought those source editor changes back to Hype for an upgraded HTML and JavaScript coding experience along with new interface preferences.

Introducing Animated Vector Shapes (v4.0)

The best part of the Flash-era web, rethought for modern HTML5 browsers.


Shapes with any number of sides can easily be inserted into your document. They are editable and can be a starting point for more complex vector shapes.

Watch Shapes Tutoral


Often called “the pen tool”, “curves” or “vectors”, paths are the basis for all vector shapes and can contain multiple straight or curved segments manipulated by control points. All the expected line cap, join, and fill rules are here.

Watch Vector Path Manipulation Tutoral

Pencil Tool

Instead of defining individual points for a path, you can draw out a line and it will automatically be smoothed and converted to a path. We recommend pairing this tool with a tablet solution like Astropad.

Watch Pencil Tutorial

Shape Morphing

Automatically animate one vector shape into another! All you need to do is hit record, move the playhead, and modify your shape. The start and end shapes can have vastly different anchor points and Tumult Hype’s best match algorithm will figure out the most intelligent shape tween.

Shape morphing can use any timing function for interesting motion effects like elastic or bounce easing.

Watch Shape Morphing Tutorial

Line Draw Animations

Perfect for build-ins, you can use “vivus”-style effects to give vector shapes the look of being drawn. When using the Pencil Tool, these can automatically be added to appear as if it were a live drawing.

Watch Line Drawing Tutorial

Physics & Interactivity

Vector shapes can become dynamic physics bodies and be a part of simulated physical environments. Shapes drawn with the Pencil tool will come alive!

Vector shapes also support all interactive features of Tumult Hype such as animating statelessly with relative timelines or binding to drags.

Introducing More New Features (v4.0)

Sprite Sheet/Image Sequence Import

PRO Import sprite sheets made with other tools, or have Tumult Hype make a sheet for you given a series of image files or animated GIF. Along with duration and loop options, the resulting animated element can be manipulated on the timeline.

Watch Sprite Sheets Tutorial

Page Turn Transition

This is the smoothest way to get from one scene to another, bound to a drag gesture. It is a transition option for On Scene Swipe actions. The new On Prepare For Display action handler gives an opportunity to setup the next scene.

Watch Page Turn Tutorial

Drop & Inset Shadows

Drop shadows use the CSS filter effect to dynamically add shadows to elements with irregular shapes or images containing alpha values. Inset shadows apply to the inner portion of a box like a vignette.


Transform elements by adding a shear in the X or Y direction. Subtle skew animations can add a liveliness to your elements.

Fallback Images

PRO Take snapshots of your active scene and use them as poster/backup images for ads, or as a fallback when the user has disabled JavaScript.

Watch Poster Images Tutorial

External Editors

PRO Edit resources in other applications. JavaScript functions or Head HTML can be edited in a text editor like BBEdit; images can be edited in apps like Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Saving in the other app will write the file back into your Hype document.

Watch more on External Editing

Math Equation Timing Functions

PRO Instead of built-in or custom easings, you can write JavaScript equations to define the timing function of your animation. See Math for Motion for examples.

Editable HTML Attributes

PRO Add additional attributes to your image. This can be custom data-* attributes, or standard ones like the poster property for videos.

Official CDN

PRO This Advanced Export option allows using hosted runtime files. For ads, they typically do not count against deliverable file size requirements and can speed up loading in some cases.

Physics API Access

PRO Tumult Hype’s physics engine is based on matter.js, which is now accessible via JavaScript code and element setter API. This allows further customization and utilizing its advanced features.

iPhone X Options

Preset scene sizes now include defaults for the latest phones and there is a mobile option for how to handle the notch.

Mojave UI Polish

Tumult Hype’s interface has been tweaked to look great under macOS 10.14, supporting new system colors and even bringing the Professional Dark theme to Hype Standard edition.

There’s Much More…

See all of the features, changes, and fixes made in Tumult Hype 4.1
by visiting Hype’s full version history, and learn more in Tumult Hype’s documentation.

Get Tumult Hype 4.1

Tumult Hype 4.1 is a paid upgrade for users of Tumult Hype 1.0-3.6 (Standard or Professional editions). Upgrade discounts are available; please see this page for instructions.

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