FROM: Jonathan Deutsch, CEO of Tumult Inc.



Tumult Inc. released Hype 1.6, a major update to its award-winning HTML5 animation builder for OS X. The new version contains over 35 new features designed to expand artistic capabilities, provide greater control over animations, and improve programmatic manipulation through new JavaScript APIs. It is available for download today as a free upgrade.

Among many highlights, the 1.6 version of Tumult Hype continues its effort to support bleeding edge web features, including CSS3 Filter Effects. These enable designers to add blurs, hue shifts, saturation changes, and modify brightness/contrast levels to achieve interesting visuals. For creating animations, the new Capo tool is an innovative way to easily set start times when recording. Time-based triggers coupled with timeline pause/continue/jump-to-time actions enable creative new animation flows. Tumult Hype's interface has also been polished to look gorgeous on Retina MacBook Pros.

A list of the top 1.6-specific information, including a video walkthrough, can be found at:

"Our previous 1.5 release was wildly successful due to adding iBooks Author widget creation and adding several other fundamental features to make it a mature product. When we set out to build the version 1.6, we looked beyond this towards the features which would help users make the most visually compelling animations. The end result in face-meltingly powerful," says Jonathan Deutsch, founder of Tumult Inc. He continued, "It is amazing watching animated blurs or hue-shifts within a web browser, and I can't wait to see what users will produce. HTML5 has subsumed large parts of Flash, and Tumult Hype is the best product for users to leverage it, and is very affordable too."

Tumult Hype is primarily targeted at designers wanting to add effects to their sites, developers who need the capability to make content for iOS devices, and HTML5 coders looking for more effective ways to improve interactivity. It supports the latest HTML5/CSS3 features and utilizes an intuitive keyframe-based animation system with a recorder to create effective motions and transitions. No coding is required, though animations can be extended via a Javascript API. Tumult Hype has been used by publications such as the LA Times, Washington Post, and Reuters for infographics, advertising agencies for animated ads, K-12 and higher education to create interactive lessons, NASA to show exploration roadmaps, ePub/iBook authors, and by many designers adding a wow-factor to their sites.

Tumult Hype 1.6 is sold on the Mac App Store or the Tumult Store for $49.99 USD to new users or as a free upgrade to existing customers. More product information, a 14-day free trial, and a store link can be found at:

Tumult Inc. was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Deutsch and Ryan Nielsen. Both are ex-Apple employees whose mission is to make the next generation of tools to produce beautiful web sites and apps. Tumult Inc. is funded by Y Combinator as part of the Winter 2011 class.