FROM: Jonathan Deutsch, CEO of Tumult Inc.



Tumult Inc. today released a new web development product called Whisk. This macOS application is a HTML5 and PHP editor with an integrated preview pane that renders pages live as users type. Whisk is available for sale today.

Whisk joins a family of Tumult’s other best-in-class tools including Hype for producing beautiful animated interactive HTML5 content, and Reflect for previewing web pages on iOS devices.

Whisk’s flagship Live Preview feature empowers rapid development, yet has not been as well utilized in other web editors. Live Preview combines the writing phase with the viewing phase clarifies the effects of users changes, speeding up the overall process of making a web page. Beta testers report frustration returning to prior workflows after using this style of live previewing.

The application contains other powerful features to improve efficiency when editing web pages. W3C-based HTML5 validation will red-underline any mistakes live as users type. Whisk automatically finds files that are used by a document, and automatically reloads the preview when they change on disk. Developer Tools access gives users access to the console and page inspector tools.

Whisk demonstration video:

“Whisk is the type of app that has a spot in web developer’s dock,” said Jonathan Deutsch, founder and CEO of Tumult. “It is lightweight so it is easy to get in and out of. It doesn’t replace other source editors; Whisk can make whole sites but truly shines when needing to test snippets of web-related code, playing with CSS styling, or writing rich forum or blog posts. Live previewing is a pivotal way to work.”

Tumult Whisk started its life 17 years ago. In 2003, Apple introduced a SDK for Mac app developers to embed a Safari browser into their own software. Jonathan Deutsch, then in college, paired this with a text editor to create the live preview method of web development and released it as a shareware application called HyperEdit. Whisk is a modernization of HyperEdit and replaces it in Tumult’s lineup.

More information about Whisk can be found at:

Press Kit with icons, screenshots, and descriptions:

Tumult Whisk is sold on the Mac App Store and the Tumult Store. For new customers, Tumult Whisk is available for $29.99 USD. Whisk also has upgrade pricing available for existing HyperEdit owners. A fully functional 14-day free trial is available for download.


Tumult’s mission is to develop next generation tools to allow designers, developers, and coders to easily produce engaging websites, apps, animations, and interactive content. The company was funded as a member of Y Combinator’s Winter 2011 class. Led by ex-Apple employees, the company was founded in 2010.