FROM: Jonathan Deutsch, CEO of Tumult Inc.



Tumult Inc. today announced the release of its new HTML5 animation builder for Mac OS X, Hype. HTML5 has been widely lauded as the future of the web due to its performance, accessibility, and ability to run on smartphones, but no designer-friendly authoring tools have existed until Hype. Hype enables users to build beautiful animated and interactive web content. Hype's standard HTML5 output works on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. No coding is required.

Central to Tumult Hype is an intuitive keyframe-based animation system. It leverages an easy-to-use recording system to create effective motions and transitions. Tumult Hype's scene editor is powered by WebKit (the engine behind Safari and Chrome), ensuring what users see is what they get in the browser for bleeding edge CSS3 styles. Users can invoke arbitrary JavaScript for flexibility and leverage Tumult Hype's own JavaScript API to manipulate the document. Exporting to HTML5 was developed to be as painless as possible; users only need to copy a few lines of HTML code into their existing document and move a resources folder. Tumult Hype also supports publishing exported documents to Dropbox for easy sharing.

Jonathan Deutsch, a founder of Tumult Inc., is eager to see sites leverage Tumult Hype. "It is always frustrating to visit a restaurant's website on your phone and being treated to an empty page. Tumult Hype's HTML5 output lets businesses make great looking pages and reach users no matter where they are." Ryan Nielsen, the other founder of Tumult Inc., is excited that the tool can take the burden of programming away. "Before Tumult Hype, hand-crafting HTML5 animations was tedious and painful to get working across all browsers. Tumult Hype tries its best to preserve fidelity across everything from Internet Explorer 6 to Chrome 12. When it can't, it warns users so they are not caught by surprise." He adds, "Tumult Hype is the best way to make HTML5."

Tumult Hype is primarily targeted at designers wanting to add effects to their sites, developers who need the capability to make content for iOS devices, and HTML5 coders looking for more effective ways to improve interactivity.

Tumult Hype is available on the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $29.99 USD. More product information and a store link can be found at:

Tumult Inc. was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Deutsch and Ryan Nielsen. Both are ex-Apple employees whose mission is to make the next generation of tools to produce beautiful web sites and apps. Tumult Inc. is funded by Y Combinator as part of the Winter 2011 class.