# Keyboard Shortcuts

Whisk is a native macOS app and supports common macOS shortcuts including Command - S to save, Command - V to Paste, Command - Comma to open Preferences, and so forth. This documentation only reflects keyboard shortcuts which are unique to Whisk.

Most keyboard shortcuts can be discovered in Whisk's menu. If a keyboard shortcut does not exist for a menu item, you can customize and add them via the System Preferences Keyboard Pref Pane (opens new window).

# Modifiers:

  • : Command
  • : Option
  • : Control
  • : Shift

# General

Action Shortcut
Preview in External Browser Command - Return

# Text Editing

Whisk uses a standard macOS text view, which has a rich number of keyboard shortcuts, including many emacs key bindings. This guide from Amsys (opens new window) has a good list.

Code Snippets can be inserted using keyboard shortcuts. Please refer to that documentation on how to use and change them.

Action Shortcut
Outdent block Command - [
Indent block Command - ]
Go to Line Command - L

# Web Preview

Action Shortcut
Reload Page Command - R
Zoom In Command - Plus
Zoom Out Command - Minus
Actual Size (100%) Command - 0

# PHP​

Action Shortcut
Show Rendered Web Page in Preview Command - Option - Left
Show HTML Source Code in Preview Command - Option - Right

# HTML5 Validation

Action Shortcut
Validate Page Command - K
Clear Validation Command - Shift - K
Show Next Error Control - Down
Show Previous Error Control - Up

# User Interface​

# Inspector​

Action Shortcut
File Inspector Command - 1
Tools Inspector Command - 2
Validation Inspector Command - 3

# Window Management

Action Shortcut
Show/Hide Source Editor Command - Shift - 9
Show/Hide Web Preview Command - Shift - 0
Show/Hide Developer Tools Command - Shift - I
Show/Hide Inspector Command - Shift - I
Switch between Widescreen and Landscape Layout Command - Shift - \