# Style Sheets

Style sheets can be attached to documents without using <link> or <style> tags. This is useful for writing blog entries or forum postings, where you want to test how it will look when published. To attach a style sheet to the document, select Choose… from the CSS file pop-up button in the Style Sheets section of the File Inspector, and then select your file.

An attached style sheet in the options palette
An attached style sheet in the options palette

The style sheet choice is associated with the file path in Whisk's file settings database, so reopening the file will preserve the selection as long as the file has not moved.

The style sheet can also be set for all new documents by selecting it and then choosing the View > Save Window Layout and Settings menu.

To clear the list of style sheets, choose Clear Menu from the CSS file pop-up button.

Style Sheets are automatically added as Watched Files, so if you have one open changes will be immediately reflected in the document.