# Version History

# 2.6.2

September 21, 2023

  • macOS 14 Sonoma compatibility

# 2.6.1

October 25, 2022

  • macOS 13 Ventura compatibility (allowing Setapp updates)
  • Fixed bug where new documents would always get a .html extension (even if another type) when saving via the titlebar pop over window

# 2.6.0

September 2, 2021

  • Includes built-in PHP to render previews since it is removed in macOS 12 Monterey
  • New PHP binary path preference automatically detects common installation paths
  • Dialog windows for JavaScript alert(), confirm(), and prompt() calls
  • Fixed issue where switching the system to Dark Mode would not change the code editor color
  • Fixed an issue where opening a PHP document may not immediately show a preview without a refresh
  • Fixed a hang trying to enter serial numbers on Apple Silicon Macs if Rosetta is not installed
  • Fixed an issue where the color picker could flash when opening on Big Sur
  • Fixed a spelling typo in the Mailing List window

# 2.5.0

February 1, 2021

  • Apple Silicon support to run natively on "M1" Macs
  • macOS 11 Bug Sur compatibility and UI adjustments
  • New App Icons matching the macOS 11 Big Sur style
  • Localizations for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese
  • Line Comment Selection via Command-Slash
  • The tab key will indent code when there is a multi-line selection
  • Preference for tab width, infinite tab stops without wrapping, tab stop sizing matches font size
  • macOS 11.0+ only: Zoom will magnify like in Safari (page zoom that does not grow the width)
  • Color Swatches can have opacity
  • Option to disable macOS Auto Save
  • Added an optional Save toolbar button
  • Data collection policy window shows submission data
  • Tweaked background and line highlight colors to match Hype and improve contrast
  • Changing to PHP mode will clear out validator errors and changing back to HTML restarts validation
  • Fixed issue where showing/hiding line numbers a few times would never show the line numbers
  • Validation server Java process now properly terminates when Whisk quits
  • Fixed an issue where the source editor font could be blank in preferences
  • Restore Defaults in Interface Preferences will reset line spacing
  • macOS 11.0+ only: Injected scroll sync code JavaScript does not pollute globals anymore
  • Fixed issue where an error was being logged to the console if scrolling before scroll sync could begin
  • Fixed issue where Restore Defaults in Interface Preferences would show "System" on systems that do not have that option
  • Improved centering of color swatch hex field
  • Snippets table scroll bar has better coloring on macOS 10.15 and below in dark theme
  • Fixed issue where scrollers would show up as white in dark theme on macOS 10.12-10.13
  • Removed table headers and vertical grid from Code Snippets table
  • Tweaked visual when dragging Color Swatches
  • Fixed a bug where non-RGB colors could not be chosen
  • Removed the Colors toolbar icon, as it is unused
  • Mac App Store version looks at receipt upon first launch for licenses
  • Mac App Store version no longer uses IAP for Trial
  • About Window tweaks
  • Update copyrights and credits

# 2.0.1

May 24, 2020

  • Scroll Sync will now work on macOS 10.11 - 10.14
  • Scroll Sync will now work if there is no doctype declared
  • Fixed issue where Hype Reflect previews would not show images and other local page resources
  • Fixed bug where hitting return to accept Kanji with a Japanese input method always created a newline
  • Showing HTML Source Code for PHP in Dark Theme will use a black background and white text
  • Fixed issue where Watched Files table would flicker when modifying watched files
  • Browser preview menu will now show multiple copies with the disk location if the name/version is identical
  • Fixed issue where validator messages would only show a single line on macOS 10.11 - 10.12
  • Fixed issue where Dev Tools may not show up if the Web Preview is closed
  • Fixed issue where splitter resize view would not be shown if Dev Tools are open
  • Fixed issue where detaching the Web Preview with Dev Tools open would result in a blank spot in the window where Dev Tools should go
  • Fixed issue where preferences plist file could get unnecessarily large
  • Email will now attempt to be automatically filled when trying to join Mailing List
  • Trial purchase button no longer covers window titlebar buttons on on RTL languages
  • Validate page button is disabled when starting up the validator
  • Validation is disabled for JavaScript and PHP modes
  • Zoom menu and Reload toolbar buttons are disabled when the web preview is not shown

# 2.0.0

May 4, 2020

  • Renamed from HyperEdit to Whisk!
  • Requires macOS 10.11 or later, supporting macOS 10.15 Catalina (and 64-bit)
  • Complete UI refresh including integrated inspector and new icons
  • Scroll Sync
  • Dark theme
  • Preview in different browsers and to Hype Reflect
  • Watched Files automatically discovers associated files and reloads the preview when they change
  • Updated syntax highlighting to color keywords added in current language versions
  • Better macOS multi-document tab bar support
  • Support for macOS Versions/Autosave feature
  • HTML5 validation (replacing HTML4 validation)
  • HTML and PHP editing will syntax highlight JavaScript and CSS code blocks
  • Ability to save all document settings for new documents
  • Document settings are preserved across launches
  • New Preferences window where settings take effect immediately
  • Zoom menu for Web Preview (replaces the smaller/larger text buttons)
  • Web Preview uses WKWebView for improved performance and crashes/hangs don't take down the app
  • Web Preview uses HTTP for more realistic rendering
  • New default page is HTML5 and has areas for script/style
  • Preference to change line highlight color
  • Preference to change editor line height
  • Go To Line panel is now a sheet and starts with the line currently on, has steppers
  • Color picker uses a popover and can have alpha values
  • Color swatches accepts rgba, hex, and color name values
  • Code Snippets can have magic variables for ${caret}, ${title}, and ${charset}
  • Code Snippets button to insert into the document
  • Context menu on splitter to change widescreen/portrait or detach
  • Unicode (UTF-8) is now the default encoding
  • In-App feedback/bug reports window
  • New About window
  • New Mailing List prompt
  • Improved trial and purchase flow
  • Free viewer mode if not purchased/no trial activated
  • App Sandbox (Mac App Store version asks for disk access to bypass when needed)
  • Notarized app for direct download/Tumult Store distribution
  • .dmg for direct download/Tumult Store distribution
  • Fixed issue where the line number would not show up on the last line
  • Fixed issue where line highlighting would not always extend to the end of the window
  • Fixed issue where the Dev Tools would steal focus on each key stroke
  • Fixed issue where the Dev Tools may not show the first console logs on refresh
  • Snippet Editor is now resizable
  • Fixed issue indenting/outdenting from first character in a line
  • Fixed Indent/outdent not working with undo
  • Fixed issue where replace and undo/redo would not syntax highlight
  • Fixed a common syntax highlighter crash
  • New documents get a pre-populated file extension based on editing mode
  • Added a tool tip for the refresh delay to make it clear it is in seconds
  • Removed "smart" text insertions in the snippet editor
  • The delete key will clear snippet keyboard shortcuts
  • Better autodetection for text encodings to prevent documents from opening blank

# 1.6.1

January 6, 2011

(Mac App Store-only release)

  • Support for the Mac App Store
  • Option to highlight current line with insertion point
  • Higher resolution app icon
  • Fixed issue where HTML5 SQL databases could not be initialized
  • Fixed bug where linked files would not be saved when hitting the plus button
  • Syntax highlighter works better with international characters
  • Syntax highlighter is much faster/memory efficient

# 1.6.0

April 30, 2008

  • Improved Leopard compatibility
  • Fixed many memory leaks
  • Preview menu has browser icons
  • New Javascript console using the WebKit Inspector (if Safari 3.1 is installed)
  • Added preference to display invisible characters
  • Added Text menu item to convert text to upper and lower case
  • New toolbar icons (thanks Marc Edwards of iSlayer!)
  • Added automatic checking for updates (via Sparkle, thanks Andy Matuschak!)
  • Added ability to report crashes (via UKCrashReporter, thanks Uli Kusterer!)
  • Fixed an issue saving window layout when the preview is collapsed
  • Fixed vital information window ordering
  • Fixed bug where the document was not being marked as dirty
  • Support for localizations

# 1.5.3

November 29, 2007

  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed issue where dragging an image to the editor would give the wrong width/height
  • Option to continuously spell check
  • Leopard Compatibility

# 1.5.2

September 18, 2006

  • Universal Binary

# 1.5.1

March 6, 2006

  • Fixed several encoding issues
  • HTML entity coloring
  • Files in the linked-file drawer can be opened by double-clicking on them
  • HyperEdit does a better job of cleaning up temporary files
  • Restored Mac OS X 10.2.8 support
  • Color palette remembers its state
  • Revert sheet is now properly dismissed
  • Fixed a bug in properly loading files with a ".htm" extensions
  • Various other bug fixes

# 1.5.0

June 20, 2005

  • New color swatches palette allows inserting colors and saving favorites
  • The web preview can be torn off into a separate window
  • Linked files for a document are preserved
  • The document can be previewed in different browsers
  • Dragging images into the editor will generate an HTML image tag
  • Snippets can be dragged to and from the editor
  • Validation errors can be skimmed with control-up/down
  • Preference to not create blank documents automatically
  • Preference to not load the web preview when a file is opened
  • Find/replace correctly updates the web preview
  • Resizing the document will only resize the web preview
  • Disabled "smart delete" when pasting
  • Fixed bug where the Validator would think the user was not an administrator
  • Fixed hangs and crashes related to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • Other bug fixes and minor performance improvements

# 1.0.3

July 22, 2004

  • Fixed bug where validation would not work, and say it was improperly installed
  • HyperEdit Help (Command-?)
  • Error skimming with Control-Up/Down
  • Documents created with HyperEdit will now open with HyperEdit
  • Find panel will find next with the return key
  • New HyperEdit document icon and tweaked application icon
  • Fixed some typos

# 1.0.2

June 15, 2004

  • Much improved stability and many bugs fixed
  • Fixed bug in syntax highlighting where colors would be shifted over, or incorrect
  • Command-Shift-Right/Left is restored to its usual purpose
  • Opens files properly from dragging onto the dock or application icon
  • Does not use package installer anymore and overall size decreased
  • Individual editor background color can be changed by dragging a color swatch into the line number gutter

# 1.0.1

May 20, 2004

  • Fixed live validation by including appropriate libraries with the installer (optional)
  • Fixed Mac OS X 10.2 support
  • Added Latin-2 encoding
  • Added link to visit HyperEdit website in the Help menu.

# 1.0.0

May 17, 2004

  • Live HTML W3C-based validation with red underlines and an error drawer
  • View HTML source code rendered from PHP
  • Faster, more colorful, customizable Syntax Highlighter
  • HTML and PHP rendering performance significantly increased
  • Regular expression find and replace (thanks to OgreKit)
  • Text Encoding engine improvements and support for more encodings
  • Shifting right and left of text blocks
  • Snippets palette supports groups, rearranging, window resizing
  • Preview in default web browser
  • Go To Line dialog box
  • Preference to change line endings to Mac, UNIX, or Windows
  • Preference to prevent line wrapping
  • Toolbar items for shifting left/right, previewing in browser, and saving (Customize Toolbar to see them all)
  • 50% split restoration via key combination Command-)
  • Will remember if palettes were open or closed from the previous launch
  • Split position will be saved with manual window position save
  • New/revised toolbar and application icons
  • Fixed bug where PHP documents greater than 8 KB would cause HyperEdit to hang
  • Fixed bug where PHP errors would write a lot to the console.log
  • Fixed bug where the refresh timer would fire after a document was closed causing HyperEdit to crash
  • Fixed bug where the editor's scroll bar would disappear
  • Fixed bug where the number view would cause a crash using 2-byte encodings
  • Fixed bug where Undo would not refresh the preview pane

# 1.0b3

December 29, 2003

  • New Code Snippets palette
  • Startup Items in advanced preferences
  • New Syntax Highlighting engine colors HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript
  • Line numbers appear in the gutter
  • Options drawer is now a palette
  • Linked Files drawer revamped with file icons and customizable check interval
  • Fully reveals and hides the preview by pressing Command-0
  • Editing mode/Syntax highlighting determined by file extension
  • Remembers window position, size, and split orientation
  • PHP include/require statements work correctly
  • PHP default path is set to /usr/bin/php
  • PHP should not crash if nothing is installed
  • Opens and edits files of any type
  • Preserves indentation for new lines
  • Spell checking is disabled by default

# 1.0b2

August 18, 2003

  • PHP Integration
  • Web view options drawer
  • Linked files make the web view refresh when they are updated
  • Document style sheets (always cached)
  • Support for multiple text encodings
  • Horizontal split view
  • Tabbed Preferences
  • Find/Replace Panel
  • Preservation of indentation level
  • Option to enable/disable cache
  • Turned off syntax highlighting for PHP, CSS, and Javascript files
  • Fixed toolbar item customization bug
  • Fixed bug that did not report correct state of the Javascript console
  • Donation notice
  • New icon (thank you Jenni Lin)

# 1.0b1

July 23, 2003

  • Initial Release