What’s New in
Tumult Whisk 2.6

The app formerly known as HyperEdit has been modernized and enhanced with new features.

A Couple Important Tweaks (v2.6)

PHP is for Pretty Home Pages

Whisk now includes its own PHP 7.4 installation because the system installation is being removed in macOS 12 Monterey. A new preference UI will automatically detect versions installed on your machine and more simply allow their selection.

Red Alert!

If your JavaScript style uses alert() calls for debugging, you’ll be back in the game with Whisk’s new dialog windows for alert(), confirm(), and prompt().

Supercharged With the Latest Tech (v2.5)

Built for Apple Silicon

Tumult Whisk is built as a Universal application that will run natively on Apple Silicon and older Intel-based Macs. Using one of Apple’s new “M1”-based Macs will make your edits snappier.

Compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur

A new icon, improved color scheme, and many UI tweaks make Tumult Whisk a natural citizen of the newest version of macOS. Don’t worry if you’re not ready to upgrade your system; it still runs great on OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later1.

Source Editing Refinements

Use command-slash to quickly toggle line comments. When multiple lines are selected, the tab key will indent or use shift-tab to outdent. Adjust the tab width size in the Preferences.

Putting the “World” in WWW

Along with English, Whisk has been localized into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

1 The Mac App Store version of Tumult Whisk requires at least Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra or later.

Rebuilt From the Ground Up (v2.0)

A Whole New Look

Whisk has a complete UI refresh including integrated inspector and new icons. It has a gorgeous new Dark Theme. Whisk uses many of the same conventions as our company's other app, Tumult Hype.

Catalina Support

Whisk is built as a 64-bit app and runs on macOS 10.11 to the latest 10.15. It adopts many new platform features like, Autosave, Versions, Tabs, auto theme settings, WebKit2 separate process rendering, and modern security hardening.

Scroll Sync

With the click of a toolbar button, you can ensure that the Source Editor and Web Preview will scroll proportionately with one another.

Watched Files

The “Linked Files” of HyperEdit has been revamped to automatically discover files associated with your document and watch the filesystem for changes to reload the Web Preview.

HTML5 Validation

Whisk now uses the the W3C Nu Html Checker (v.Nu) to validate modern HTML5, XHTML5, CSS, and SVG.


Whisk’s new Preview toolbar button lets you send a preview to any browser installed on your system or to iOS devices using the Hype Reflect app. A new built-in HTTP server ensures previews are closer to the final hosted version.

Enhanced Editing

The syntax highlighter has been updated with the latest keywords and can better color sub-languages. There's better line number and highlighting. New preferences give even more control over the editing experience.

Document Settings Preservation

Whisk maintains a database tied to file paths for document-specific settings, like render modes, window layout, encodings, and more.

Bug Fixes

The Whisk 2.0 update contains a plethora of fixes for longstanding workflow issues.

There’s Much More…

See all of the features, changes, and fixes made in Tumult Whisk 2.6
by visiting Whisk’s full version history, and learn more in Tumult Whisk’s documentation.

Get Tumult Whisk 2.6

Tumult Whisk 2.6 is a free upgrade for users of Whisk 2.0-2.5 and a paid upgrade for users of Tumult HyperEdit 1.0-1.6.1. Upgrade discounts are available; please see this page for instructions.

If you are new to Tumult Whisk: