Purchasing Options

Mac App Store

If you wish to purchase a single-user license, the Mac App Store offers the easiest experience for purchasing, installing, and upgrading Hype.

If you are enrolled in the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Business or Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education we can offer discounts to qualifying customers who purchase 20 or more copies at a time.

Tumult Store

The Tumult Store is ideal for people who:

  • Are unable to purchase from the Mac App Store, or wish to purchase directly from Tumult.
  • Need to pay via check, money order, or purchase order.
  • Are students, faculty, or administrators at an educational institution, and thus qualify for educational discounts. The Tumult Education Store offers the following discounts for educational purchasers:
    Licenses Discount
    1 – 4 $29.99 (40% discount)
    5 – 19 $27.49 (45% discount)
    20 – 49 $24.99 (50% discount)
    50+ $19.99 (60% discount)

    (Anyone looking to purchase significantly more than 50 educational licenses should contact us directly.)

  • Are seeking multi-user licenses. The Tumult Store offers the following discounts for multi-user license purchases:
    Licenses Discount
    1 $49.99 (0% discount)
    2 – 4 $44.99 (10% discount)
    5 – 19 $39.99 (20% discount)
    20 – 49 $34.99 (30% discount)
    50+ $29.99 (40% discount)

    (Anyone looking to purchase significantly more than 50 licenses should contact us directly.)


We accept Bitcoins as payment. Please note that you will need to provide your name and email address to receive a license. If you have any questions please get in touch. To purchase, use the button below:

Pay With Bitcoin

Need Other Options?

If the Mac App Store and Tumult Store don’t meet your needs, or if you have any questions about purchasing Hype, please contact us directly.

Upgrading from Tumult Hype 1.x

Tumult Hype 1.x license holders

If you purchased Tumult Hype 1.x prior to July 20th, 2013, please use one of the options above to purchase a license for Tumult Hype 2.5. Check out what's new Tumult Hype 2.5, our latest release, and what's new in version 2.0. Redownload Tumult Hype 1.x.

Purchases of Tumult Hype 1.6 made after July 20, 2013 get a free upgrade

Anyone who purchased Tumult Hype 1.6 within 30 days of version 2.0’s release date (after July 20th, 2013) are eligible for a free upgrade. You can receive this by forwarding a copy of your purchase receipt to [email protected]. Once we confirm your purchase, we’ll send instructions on how to obtain a free Tumult Hype 2.0 license from the Tumult Store. Due to restrictions Apple places on App Store licenses, we are not able to offer free Tumult Hype 2.0 upgrades through the Mac App Store.

Upgrade Policy

Like most professional software, any major versions (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) will be paid upgrades and all interim feature and maintenance updates will be free. We are not likely to release new paid upgrades in less than an 18 month interval; for example Hype 2.0 was released 27 months after 1.0 and in that time period we released 1.5, 1.6, and 9 other minor updates.

For users who purchased within 30 days of a major version release, we will offer a free upgrade through the Tumult Store with a valid proof-of-purchase. Due to lack of general support in the Mac App Store, we are unable to offer discounts for paid upgrades and instead opt to price our software affordably all the time.

This policy might be revised from time to time based on market conditions, but our goal is to be as fair to loyal users as possible while creating a sustainable business.