# Tumult Whisk Overview

You are currently reading the documentation for Tumult Whisk v2.
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For an older version, read the HyperEdit v1 Documentation (opens new window).

Tumult Whisk (opens new window) is a lightweight HTML and PHP editor with a live preview that updates as you type.

Whisk is an essential app in your toolkit for HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript programming. It is great for learning web development, testing snippets of code, or building entire web pages.

Whisk’s integrated preview pane displays the web page live as you type. Whisk breaks the tedious cycle of writing HTML, saving the file, then reloading and viewing the page in the browser. Combining the writing phase with the viewing phase clarifies the effects of your changes and speeds up the overall process of making a web page. W3C-based validation will red-underline any mistakes. It uses the same rendering engine found in Safari, so it is not only standards compliant, but also very fast.

Whisk's main window: edit on the left, preview on the right
Whisk's main window: edit on the left, preview on the right

Although Whisk assumes you have a basic understanding of HTML, it is still a very useful tool for learning more advanced HTML, as well as PHP, CSS, and Javascript. Through direct manipulation, the changes seen instantly from the result of an action are recognized easier. For more on these languages, please visit documentation available for them: