Hype Reflect. Preview and test your designs live on mobile devices.

The concept

Instantly test your Hype and Whisk
projects on iPhones and iPads.

Dedicated Preview for your Documents

Hype Reflect solves the problem of previewing your content on iOS. Quickly send documents directly from Hype or Whisk on the Mac to iOS devices running Hype Reflect on your Wi-Fi network. Export-exact previews ensure your animations appear exactly as your visitors see them.

Interact with
your designs

No more local development headaches. Test advanced touch, drag and mobile-specific interactivity directly on your device. Your swipes, device rotations, and element behaviors accurately represent your deployed project.

Mirror your
creations, live

Your designs, live. Hype Reflect's innovative Mirror Mode provides a live preview as documents are edited. This shortens the edit cycle and reduces the trouble you've likely faced with varying positioning, color, and text metrics across desktop and mobile.

How it works

Connect your Mac and mobile to the same Wi-Fi network.
That's it.


Hype Reflect's minimal interface stays out of your way & shares the same rendering engine, performance, and quirks as Mobile Safari.

Full Screen

Quickly simulate a full screen webapp or launch your device in Mobile Safari using Reflect's toolbar buttons.


Need to access console.log? Check your JavaScript logs directly within Hype Reflect for easy development.