Tumult Hype Downloads

Grab the latest or older versions of Tumult Hype.
Downloads include Standard and Professional editions.

Tumult Store Direct Downloads

Contains 14-day fully functional trial and can be unlocked with a serial number (recover yours).

Version Build Release Date Support Minimum OS Links
v4.1.5(728)Feb 8, 2021OngoingmacOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notesv4 Documentation
v4.1.4(724)Jan 29, 2021macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.1.3(720)Jan 15, 2021macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.1.2(712)Nov 23, 2020macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.1.1(708)Nov 17, 2020macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.0.6(674)Jul 13, 2020macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.0.5(670)May 27, 2020macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.0.3(664)Dec 17, 2019macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.0.2(660)Oct 29, 2019macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.0.1(654)Jul 10, 2019macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v4.0.0(648)Jun 10, 2019macOS 10.10DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.10(601)Oct 29, 2019Ends Jun 2020macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notesv3 Documentation
v3.6.9(600)Jul 10, 2019macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.8(598)Mar 27, 2019macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.7(596)May 1, 2018macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.6(592)Apr 24, 2018macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.5(590)Apr 5, 2018macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.4(588)Apr 2, 2018macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.3(584)May 9, 2017macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.2(578)Apr 5, 2017macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.1(576)Mar 2, 2017macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.6.0(574)Mar 2, 2017macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.5.5(552)Nov 11, 2016macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.5.4(550)Nov 3, 2016macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.5.3(538)Aug 2, 2016macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.5.2(530)Jun 13, 2016macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.5.1(526)Feb 29, 2016macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.5.0(518)Dec 9, 2015macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.0.3(466)Apr 15, 2015macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.0.2(458)Mar 19, 2015macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.0.1(456)Mar 17, 2015macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v3.0.0(454)Mar 17, 2015macOS 10.8DownloadRelease Notes
v2.5.3(344)Oct 8, 2014EndedmacOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notesv2 Documentation
v2.5.2(338)Mar 26, 2014macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v2.5.1(332)Feb 18, 2014macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v2.5.0(322)Jan 29, 2014macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v2.0.2(248)Nov 14, 2013macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v2.0.1(238)Sep 30, 2013macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v2.0.0(232)Aug 20, 2013macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.6.2(160)Apr 9, 2013EndedmacOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notesv1 Documentation
v1.6.1(158)Feb 12, 2013macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.6.0(150)Jan 7, 2013macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.5.2(124)Sep 20, 2012macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.5.1(108)May 9, 2012macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.5.0(100)Feb 23, 2012macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.0.5(82)Sep 1, 2011macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.0.4(76)Aug 7, 2011macOS 10.6DownloadRelease Notes
v1.0.3(58)Jun 14, 2011macOS 10.6MAS OnlyRelease Notes
v1.0.2(38)May 31, 2011macOS 10.6MAS OnlyRelease Notes
v1.0.1(32)May 27, 2011macOS 10.6MAS OnlyRelease Notes
v1.0.0(28)May 20, 2011macOS 10.6MAS OnlyRelease Notes
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Mac App Store Downloads

  • Get Tumult Hype v4.1.5 from the App Store
  • Older Versions:
    1. Open the App Store, and make sure you are logged into the account which purchased Hype under the Store menu
    2. Go to the Purchases page via the account sidebar item (macOS 10.14+) or the Purchased tab at the top (macOS 10.13 and below)
    3. Find the version of Hype and click the install or download icon
    4. Choose Upgrade > Restore Purchases… to get back to the Professional edition, if previously purchased