Frequently Asked Questions

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What can you make with Tumult Whisk?

Whisk is a general HTML and PHP editor with a live preview. It can be used for:

  • Crafting HTML to make sure it looks exactly as you want it
  • Testing and executing PHP code
  • Writing blog posts, forum entries, or rich emails
  • Interactively trying out CSS
  • Running and debugging JavaScript
  • And creating whole websites

Is Whisk a replacement for my favorite Text Editor?

Whisk is another tool on your tool belt. It is lightweight and focused on the live preview aspect of development. Unique features like Watched Files, live validation, and its preview system are a clear win. It probably won’t replace your Text Editor for every purpose, but when you need to quickly churn out some HTML or PHP it is going to provide gains to your workflow.

How can I buy Tumult Whisk?

Tumult Whisk is available for sale in the Tumult Store and in the Mac App Store. See below for more purchasing answers.

Can I try Tumult Whisk first?

Yes! Tumult Whisk can be called “shareware” or “freemium”. We offer a fully-functional 14-day trial you can start from either the Tumult Store download or from the Mac App store version. On launch you can choose to start the trial.

Are there any differences between the Tumult Store and Mac App Store versions of Whisk?

The Tumult Store direct download and Mac App Store versions are nearly identical. These are the differences:

  • The Mac App Store has stricter app security requirements so disk access permission must be manually granted. The Tumult Store version has proper access without prompting. See the App Sandboxing section of the App Security documentation chapter for more information.
  • The Mac App Store version always opens the Developer Tools to the Elements tab, whereas the Tumult Store version will open to the Console.
  • The purchase/licensing is different. The Tumult Store version uses serial numbers obtained by purchasing through the Tumult Store, whereas the Mac App Store version uses a receipt scheme.
  • Upgrades with the Mac App Store version are handled in the App Store application, whereas the Tumult Store direct download version updates in-app via the Sparkle framework.
  • The Mac App Store version requires macOS 10.12, whereas the Tumult Store version can work with the older macOS 10.11.

To decide which to try or buy, see the Should I purchase from the Mac App Store or the Tumult Store? question below.

What exactly do I need to run Tumult Whisk? (aka System Requirements)

Tumult Whisk requires macOS 10.11 or later; this includes the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina! From a hardware perspective, any Mac which can run macOS 10.11 also supports Tumult Whisk.

How do I recover my license/serial number?

Whether you purchased from the Mac App store or from the Tumult Store, please visit the license recovery page.

Is Tumult Whisk available for Windows?

Tumult Whisk was built specifically for the Mac, and we do not currently plan to build a Windows version. If you feel that a Windows version of Tumult Whisk would make your world an infinitely better place to live, feel free to drop us an email. We’re human, after all.

Purchasing reveal all answers

Should I purchase from the Mac App Store or the Tumult Store?

For many users this is a matter of personal choice and how they like to install and update software. If you previously purchased Tumult HyperEdit/Whisk and wish to easily apply an upgrade discount, please purchase a license from the same store. If you are purchasing Whisk for the first time, there are some advantages or reasons to choose one over the other:

Mac App Store:

  • The easiest experience for purchasing, installing, and upgrading Whisk for single-user licenses

Tumult Store:

  • Use if you are unable to purchase from the Mac App Store or wish to purchase direct from the makers (us)
  • You can pay via check, money order, purchase order, wire transfer, or PayPal
  • Offers volume/multi-user discounts
  • Offers more flexible education discounts

Educational purchasers should generally choose the Tumult Store, as Whisk on the Mac App Store uses In-App Purchases for its full edition these cannot currently be installed via MDM.

For more on the functional difference between the two versions, see the Are there any differences between the Tumult Store and Mac App Store versions of Whisk? question.

Is Tumult Whisk a subscription?

No. When you purchase Tumult Whisk from the Tumult Store or Mac App Store, you own it. This is referred to as a “standalone” or “perpetual” license. Further, Tumult Whisk does not rely on any servers, so the app will continue to work offline on the OSes it is compatible with.

Major versions releases may be paid updates; please read more about our upgrade policy.

Do you offer education discounts?

Yes, we offer significant discounts if you are a student, teacher, administrator, or IT manager purchasing on behalf of your school:

Licenses Whisk 2.0
1 – 4 $14.99 USD (50% discount)
5 – 19 $13.49 USD (55% discount)
20 – 49 $11.99 USD (60% discount)
50+ $9.99 USD (67% discount)

You can buy at this discount from the Tumult Education Store. If you are seeking quantities over 100 licenses or need a site license, please get in touch.

Do you offer multi-user discounts?

Yes, if you are buying more than one license you will get a better deal! Here’s our pricing breakdown:

Licenses Whisk 2.0
1 $29.99 USD
2 – 4 $26.99 USD (10% discount)
5 – 19 $25.49 USD (15% discount)
20 – 49 $23.99 USD (20% discount)
50+ $22.49 USD (25% discount)

You can buy at this discount from the Tumult Store. If you are seeking quantities over 100 licenses or need a site license, please get in touch.

Do you offer any other discounts?

Aside from educational and multi-user discounts, we also can offer non-profit organization, senior citizen, and Apple employees discounts. If you are seeking these, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Will I be charged for updates?

Like most professional software, any major versions (1.0, 2.0, etc.) are likely to be paid upgrades and all interim feature and maintenance updates will be free. We are not likely to release new paid upgrades in less than an 12 month interval. Tumult Whisk 2 is available for upgrades from all previous purchases of Tumult HyperEdit, with higher discounts for recent purchases. For help applying a discount, please visit this page.

This policy might be revised from time to time based on market conditions, but our goal is to be as fair to loyal users as possible while creating a sustainable business.

Can I install Tumult Whisk on multiple machines?

Like any application purchased from the Mac App Store, you can install Tumult Whisk free of charge on every Mac you own by going to the Purchases tab and installing. If you’ve purchased Tumult Whisk through our website, please refer to your email containing your license key to install Tumult Whisk on additional machines.

If more than one person will use Tumult Whisk, then a multi-user license must be purchased.

What is Tumult Whisk’s EULA (End User License Agreement)

Tumult Whisk’s EULA is meant to be user-friendly. Download Tumult Whisk’s EULA.pdf. If you purchase from the Mac App Store, Apple’s standard agreement also applies.

Upgrading reveal all answers

What’s the latest version of Tumult Whisk?

The latest version of Tumult Whisk is v2.0.1 (Build 228).

How do I upgrade?

If you are already on a version of Whisk 2, the quickest route to upgrading is:

  • Tumult Store version: Choose the 'Whisk > Check for Updates…' menu item or directly download the latest version.
  • Mac App Store version: Open the App Store application and choose the Updates tab

If you are on a previous major version (v1-v3), you will need to download the latest Tumult Store version or Mac App Store version. Upgrade discounts are available; to obtain these you must use the same store that you used with the previous purchase. There is more information on upgrade discounts in the cost section below.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Tumult Whisk 2.0?

Upgrades of any v2 releases are always free to get to the latest v2. Upgrades from older versions of Tumult Whisk have discounts based on how long ago they were originally purchased.

Tumult Whisk v2

Upgrading from: Discount Single License Price
HyperEdit v1 (purchased after October 7, 2019) Free $0.00 USD
HyperEdit v1 50% off $14.99 USD

October 7, 2019 is when macOS 10.15 Catalina was released (which is incompatible with HyperEdit), and is a firm cut-off for free upgrades.

How do I get my upgrade discount?

Please see the upgrade discount page.

I accidentally upgraded my Tumult Whisk app to version 2, but I am not ready to purchase it yet. How do I get back to my older version?

You can get any previous version from the downloads archive page.

Technically Speaking reveal all answers

What markup/programming languages does Whisk support?

Whisk will render and syntax highlight these languages:

  • HTML, including HTML5 and XHTML
  • PHP
  • SVG

Whisk will also open and syntax highlight files of these types:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript

What version of PHP is used?

By default, Whisk will use the system-included version of PHP. On macOS 10.15 Catalina, this is PHP 7.3.11.

You can change the version of PHP used by changing the path to binary in Whisk’s General Preferences.

What languages will Whisk validate?

Whisk uses the same engine as the W3C validator: The Nu Html Checker (v.Nu). This provides validation for:

  • HTML5
  • XHTML5
  • CSS
  • SVG

How do I get my files on the web?

You’ll need to upload your files to a web host with an FTP program. We recommend using Panic’s excellent Transmit, but there are free alternatives. If you are looking for a hosting provider, we recommend Webfaction.

Other Questions reveal all answers

What is Tumult Whisk’s relationship to HyperEdit?

HyperEdit has been renamed to Whisk as of version 2.0.0. This is why Whisk never had a “1.0,” as that was HyperEdit!

What is Tumult Whisk’s relationship to Hype?

Tumult Hype is another Tumult application for make stunning HTML5 animations. Both further Tumult’s mission of building the next-generation of tools for web development.

While they do share some common code under-the-hood, they are independent apps and have different purposes. Whisk is for writing web markup with a live preview and Hype is for building interactive animated content without code. That said, Whisk can be used an external editor with Hype, or used to edit Hype’s exported .html files.

When will support for feature _x_ be added to Tumult Whisk?

We want to make sure that Tumult Whisk is as useful as possible to as many people as possible. To that end, we’re paying close attention to user requests, but we can’t comment on when any given feature will be added.

If you need support for a certain feature in Tumult Whisk, please let us know and we’ll add it to our list! Send us an email at

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy here.

We take privacy seriously, and limit the data we collect. We do not collect any personal information unless a user signs up for our mailing list or buys Tumult Whisk directly through the Tumult Store. We receive no data via the Mac App Store. FastSpring, our payment processor, collects information for billing purposes, and we stand behind their excellent security.

There is an option at launch to send anonymous data, but this is very limited, not personally identifiable, and only helps us improve Whisk by answering questions like “How many users are on macOS 10.10”.

Have a question? Send us an email at

I have a problem or a question that’s not answered here. How can I get help?

We’re glad you asked! There are a few ways to get in touch with us. First, we recommend taking a look at the forums; it’s possible someone else has already had the same question and found an answer. Even if they haven’t, you can post your question there and we’ll give you an answer as soon as possible. If you would rather keep your question private, you can email us directly at

If you’re having a problem with Tumult Whisk itself, the easiest way to let us know about it is to use the issue reporter within the app. Click on the Help menu, and click Report an Issue. This is a very convenient solution because with your permission, Tumult Whisk will include information about your computer system that’s very useful to us when answering your questions.