Standard vs. Professional

Hype 4 is the leading animation and interactivity tool for designers. Hype Pro extends the standard version with powerful features allowing for more advanced compositions. Compare and find out which product is right for you.

Hype 4.1 Standard
Hype 4.1 Professional
$99.99 Full
$49.99 Upgrade from Standard
Keyframe-based animation system
Record mode
Motion paths via bézier curves
Timing functions29 built-in easings29 built-in easings
Customizable via bézier curves
Reusable within the document
Custom JavaScript math equations
Vector shape morphing
Vector shape morph algorithmsBest MatchBest Match
Direct Anchor Point Match
Physics-based animation engine
Multiple simultaneous timelines
Relative keyframes
Timeline binding via drag events
Persistent Symbols for master content
Template documents
Absolute positioning
Flexible Layout for pinning/sizing
Responsive Layout (per-scene breakpoints)
Rectangles, rounded rects, elipses
Vector Shapes
Pencil tool
HTML widgets (iframes)
Sprite Sheet/Image Sequence import
Bleeding Edge Web Features
3D Transforms
ShadowsBox, Inset, Drop, and TextBox, Inset, Drop, and Text
CSS Filter Effects & Backdrop Effects
Monotype Fonts
Google Fonts
Custom CSS web fonts
Retina (@2x) image support
Action Handlers
Mouse events
Keyboard events
Touch/swipe gestures
Timeline actions
Scene actions
Viewport Actions (Waypoints)
Custom behaviors
Content Arrangement Tools
Element snapping
Common distribution, alignment, sizing commands
Horizontal and vertical guides
Grid system
Element Inner HTML editing
JavaScript action handlers
JavaScript API
External JavaScript event notifications
Editable HTML attributes (like data-*)
Output Formats
HTML5 (to a folder)
MP4 (video only)
Additional bitrate settings
Apple ProRes 422 (video only)
Animated GIF
Animated PNG
PNG Sequence
iBooks Author widgets
Advanced Export Options
OAM Widget
Export Scripts for automating workflows
Export Browser Compatibility
(HTML5 output)
Internet Explorer 6+
Chrome 9+
Safari (Mac) 5.1.3+
Mobile Safari (iOS) 4.3.1+
Android 2.3+
Firefox 3.5+
Edge 12+
Opera 11.10+
Export Features (HTML5 output)
Preview on iOS with Hype Reflect
Responsive Design Preview in Hype Reflect
Search engine (SEO) visibility
Home screen web app
Cache.manifest export
CDN hosting of runtime files
Poster/fallback images
Minimal HTML Export size24.4 KB (gzipped) and 3 network connections24.4 KB (gzipped) and 3 network connections
Advanced Export with CDN is 1.9 KB zipped
Physics documents require +44.1 KB (gzipped)
User Interface
Color themeLight and DarkLight and Dark
ArrangementPortrait and WidescreenFully rearrangeable interface panes
External editors
System RequirementsmacOS 10.10+, Designed for MojavemacOS 10.10+, Designed for Mojave
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, ChineseEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese

Both editions are available for a combined 14-day fully functional trial.
Documents made with Hype Pro can be opened in Hype Standard, but not saved.