Export Scripts

Export Scripts help automate workflows involving Tumult Hype’s output. Once installed, they add an item in the 'File > Export as HTML' menu and extend Tumult Hype’s UI allowing modifications to the outgoing HTML5 content. Export Scripts can be developed by anyone and augment functionality in Tumult Hype.


After installing an Export Script, new user interfaces become available in Tumult Hype.

Export Preferences
Shows installed Export Scripts and gives access to where they are stored.
Export as HTML5 Menu
Export Scripts may add items in the
'File > Export as HTML5' menu.
Preview Menu
Preview Export Script output by checking its item in the preview toolbar menu.
Advanced Export
Apply the Export Script to a Slice in Advanced Export for batch exporting.
Document Variables
Export Scripts can expose variables in the Document Inspector to be set by the user and are passed back to the script.
Extra Actions
Event handlers can have custom actions that tie back to the export via JavaScript.
Extra Action Arguments
These actions can also have arguments that are set by the user and passed to the function.


Get these pre-made Export Scripts for common workflows.
The Installer package automatically puts them in the right place.

DoubleClick Studio
by Tumult Inc. — source code
DoubleClick Studio Rich Media ads.
DoubleClick Campaign Manager
by Tumult Inc. — source code
DCM HTML5 ads.
by Tumult Inc. — source code
AdWords aka Google Ads. Validate here.
by Tumult Inc. — source code
Sizmek MDX Workspace HTML5 ads.
by Tumult Inc. — source code
HPUB format for Paperlit digital publishing platform.
Organized Assets
by Tumult Inc. — source code
Exports with assets in a folder structure similar to the defunct Adobe Edge Animate (images/, media/, js/).


Export Scripts can be shell, python, or ruby scripts.

Read developer documentation and see sample code on GitHub.