Official Plugins & Add Ons

Open source tools for extending Tumult Hype, accelerating development, and embedding
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Export Scripts

Export Scripts help automate workflows involving Tumult Hype’s output. Once installed, they add an item in the 'File > Export as HTML' menu.
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Wordpress logo

The Tumult Hype Animations for Wordpress plugin allows you to quickly embed your Tumult Hype document in your Wordpress site.
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Visual Studio Code
The Tumult Hype Code Snippets for VSCode extension accelerates the creation of Hype API JavaScript in Visual Studio Code.
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Official Integrations

Tools and Apps with Built-in Hype Support

Hype Reflect

Hype Reflect solves the problem of previewing your content on iOS. Quickly send documents directly from Hype or Whisk on the Mac to iOS devices running Hype Reflect on your Wi-Fi network.

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Easily preview all of your responsive layouts at once in the advanced development browser.

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Preview your Tumult Hype animations directly in Blocs from Hype's preview dropdown. Requires a free 'Bloc' from the Blocs Store.

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