Python Export Script Enabler

Most Export Scripts for Tumult Hype are written in the Python programming language. Unfortunately, Apple has removed Python from macOS 12.3 (“Monterey”). The result is most export scripts will no longer function out-of-the-box.

To keep your Python-based export scripts working without modification, Tumult is providing a custom installation of Python for you to install called the Python Export Script Enabler along with changes in the Hype application to utilize it.

You will need to install the Python Export Script Enabler and Hype 4.1.8 or later.


The Python Export Script Enabler requires Hype 4.1.8 or later.
First, make sure you have upgraded to that version.

Python Export Script Enabler
by Tumult Inc. — v2

Download PythonExportScriptEnabler.pkg


If you are a developer of Python-based export scripts, you will likely need to make modifications either to your documentation (pointing users to install from this page), your script's shebang, or your installer package. You are welcome to include this package in the install product.

For more information, please see the documentation about this in the GitHub README.